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Calling all Landlords and Tenants!

Your Voice Matters: Help Shape the Future of Renting by Taking Our Landlord/Tenant Survey Today!

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Landlord Survey

Please use this survey if you are a Glendale landlord or a property owner representative. 

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Tenant Survey

Please use take this survey if you are a Glendale Tenant.


Important Update:

The Rental Rights rules and regulations have recently been updated. Stay informed about the latest updates. Click the link below for more information:

What We Offer

Welcome to the City of Glendale's informative website dedicated to the Rental Rights Program. On this page you will find valuable resources, guides, and up-to-date information for landlords and tenants alike. Whether you are a property owner or a tenant, we have you covered with a wealth of information to enhance your understanding of rental rights, regulations, and best practices.



Anytime you have a questions call us at 818-548-3926 or email and a dedicated staff member will answer your question. 

Helpful Contacts

Essential Phone Numbers for Landlords and Tenants

City of Glendale

(818) 548-3926

Neighborhood Legal Services

(800) 433-6251

Housing Rights Center

(800) 477-5977

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