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Rent Increase Relocation Calculator

This calculator can be used by landlords and tenants to swiftly determine relocation assistance amounts for Rent Based Termination. Relocation assistance becomes applicable when a tenant chooses to move out of a unit in response to a rent increase that surpasses 7% of the rent charged at any point within the previous 12 months.


However, it's crucial to independently verify all details to ensure accuracy. The formula for calculating the relocation assistance is Relocation Calculation = 3 x Proposed Rent.

How to use the calculator: 
  1. Enter the Proposed Rent: Locate the input field labeled "Proposed Rent". This is the new rent that the landlord is proposing for the tenant and should be found on the rent increase notice. 

  2. Find the dropdown menu labeled "Is the Tenant a Qualified Tenant?" Select "Yes" if the tenant meets the criteria to be considered a "Qualified Tenant". Select "No" if the tenant does not meet the criteria.

  3. Click the "Calculate" button to compute the relocation assistance amount.

For more information on what is considered a "Qualified Tenant" please go here. For additional information regarding relocation assistance for increase over 7%, please go here.

Please note this calculator is to determine Rent Based Termination Relocation assistance amount. For Just Cause Eviction Relocation assistance, please go here.

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